Tax justice campaigners call time on the Tories

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In Brighton

PCS assistant general secretary Chris Baugh today urged the trade union movement to awake like a “sleeping giant” to challenge the “dictatorship of the market.”

Speaking at a tax fringe meeting at PCS conference in Brighton, Mr Baugh pointed out that the British trade union movement was “the oldest and most resilient” in the world.

“There is huge public revulsion at News International and bankers at what they are doing.”

“But it has to be translated into action.”

“People are looking for an alternative to the dictatorship of the markets.”

Chartered accountant and tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy said the government had the got the economic recovery wrong.

“Friends, we know austerity is failing,” he said.

“And we know the tax gap is growing.’

“We know that HMRC’s management – dominated as it is by big business people who think they’re running a company and not a public service – have called this one wrong.’

‘And we know we have friends in the union movement, the labour movement, civil society and the press who know we’re right and the government is wrong.”

Mr Murphy who has just launched a new pamphlet for the union on reducing the tax avoidance by some of the richest in Britain, he  accused the government of using the austerity drive as a front for a wider social and political assault on unions and communities.

“They want an unequal society,” he said.

“To deliver that, the Tories need to destroy the state. Their austerity programme is their way of doing that. They want to destroy hope. They want to deny people affordable housing. They want people to be frightened of their old age, unemployment, sickness, child care costs, and so much more.”


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