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By John Millington
Editor, Daily Dreadnaught

It must be the sign of a good week when you haven’t had enough time to write because you were busy writing.

Hence my first editorial is late and not written on my ideal day of Saturday.

Nevertheless this week has seen a range of activity on the industrial relations front.

Amongst the glut of reports about the Leveson inquiry and the Eurozone crisis, trade union activists have had hectic week, defending pay and conditions as per usual, taking unofficial action at Sellafield and in some sectors setting their sights on future action with workers in other fields.

PCS conference was a case in point as members last week set their stall out to seek cooperation and coordination with other public sector unions to breath new life into the pensions dispute.

Despite the exit, for the time being of Unison and GMB, Unite health sector remain with new allies coming on board.

Aside from the motions passed, the feeling running through conference was one of a militant spirit in the best traditions of the labour movement.

Rather than simply having a conference dedicated to whether to take action or not, members actually discussed tactics and were able to air differences openly before coming to a decision.

However deep down PCS members know that they cannot mount a serious defence of their pensions alone.

As one member put it to conference, fighting alone would be like a “stone being thrown into the sea.”

One issue that members may not be too interested in or putting on the back burner will be the inevitable question of a merger with Unite – a decision which will have far reaching ramifications for the shape and makeup of Britain’s trade union movement.

Another key aspect of PCS conference was the multiple references to international solidarity.

Apart from the need for coordinated international working within Europe, solidarity needs to continue to be expressed with the people of Colombia.

It was one of my proudest moments to be able to interview Voz editor Carlos Lozano who’s courageous stand for peace is second to none.

Meeting people like him is the reason I became a journalist, to get stories out there that matter and that rattle the cages.

To keep up this rattling, The Dreadnaught needs help. This is why I am officially calling on supporters and colleagues to become guest writers for my blog.

What I am looking for is anything to do with industrial relations. I could be a news story. It could be an analysis piece. I would prefer less than 800 words but the 1,000 word piece will be acceptable.

As you are probably aware there is no money in this blog and I do it in my spare time to raise important issues and attempt to secure paid work elsewhere.

However I want the Dreadnaught to have a greater range and to give people an opportunity to have their voices heard.

All articles will be subject to editing but I will always email copy back that I have changed for the author’s approval before publication.

Anything in the industrial relations field, the personal, the economic and the political are all welcome.

Just leave the sectarianism and partisan attitudes at the door. 🙂

Email me copy: johnmstar7@gmail.com

From Tuesday night I will be in Brighton – investigating attempts to criminalise squatting and more.

Stay tuned!


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