RMT vows to shutdown blacklisting website

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By John Millington

The blacklisting scandal took another twist today after the Rail and Maritime trade union exposed a new blacklisting website containing details of leading figures in the union.

The  site – http://www.hrblacklist.com/static/view/about/  is open about it’s intentions, claiming that it aims to “tell the truth about employees” and insisting that 50 percent of jobseekers “lie on their CV.”

Run by Human Resources Consulting, the website is being described by the union as the “on-line successor to the Consulting Association” which was exposed in 2009 for  its anti-union blacklisting activities.

Numerous RMT activists, other union organisers and journalists are listed on the site.

Although a search of the names on the data base is free, the detailed files are password protected and only open to subscribers.

Names are listed on the site data base without any agreement in clear violation of data protection.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow vowed a tough response.

“This HR Blacklist website is openly touted on-line and is an extension of the union blacklisting activities of the Consulting Association. It lists people as union organisers with the obvious intent of thereby denying them future employment and that is a scandal. RMT is taking further advice to protect our members and activists.

“Action should be taken by the authorities to shut this blacklisting site down.

“The whole murky saga of union blacklisting, and the collusion with the police and the security services by the employers organisations, has clear parallels with the Leveson investigations and RMT will continue to campaign with the anti-blacklisting organisations for action against all those involved in this conspiracy.”

Other suggestions posted on the social network site Facebook suggest that  the site is a money making scheme seeking to scare those on the list to pay to join the website to have their names removed.

The RMT legal team is investigating.

***More as the story develops***


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