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By John Millington

“Chavez had not stolen an election. He didn’t have to. And now he is gone, we will never know if he ever would have done.”

One of the more bizarre and unintentionally funny comments by otherwise respected C4 journalist Jonathan Rugman sums up the absurdity of the anti-Chavez rhetoric currently being dumped across the media highways.

For the last 3 hours, I have submerged myself in the full spectrum of opinion on offer over the premature death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

For supporters and admirers which I happily admit to being one, the message largely is one of sadness, defiance and retelling of the achievements so far of the Bolivarian revolution.

Detractors on the other hand have cruelly taken to social media networks to either openly gloat at the President’s death or to rubbish his economic record with the usual barrage of pro-free market solutions which have clearly…

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