THATCHER FUNERAL EXCLUSIVE: Police detain protester over fears he would be “lynched.”

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By John Millington

A peaceful protester who booed as Margaret Thatcher’s coffin passed by en route to St Paul’s cathedral was detained by police over fears he would be “lynched” by supporters of the PM.

The Afro-Caribbean man who goes by the name “Sy” began booing the funeral procession near Ludgate circus only to be turned on quickly by an angry mob of Thatcher supporters.

Police officers intervened only to frog march the solo protester away from the crowd, expressing the worry that the mob would “lynch” him.

One officer said: “He could protest but he started an argument with a load of people and was about to get himself lynched.”

Another officer on the scene said it was easier to escort one person rather than arrest an angry mob,

“At these events its not always black and white. There were only 6 in the area and it is much easier to bring the person out.”

The officer added that he and his colleague did not possess radios and were therefore unable to call for reinforcements to deal with the mob.

Explaining the reason for his solo protest, “Sy” said: Thatcher sold off the wealth of the nation and left the majority of population in poverty.”

Exerpt from police encounter:



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