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Click here for the May edition of the WFTU monthly magazine:

The International Trade Union Conference of the WFTU under the slogan”Economic immigrants: We demand full social security, labour and trade union rights, dignified salaries” concluded yesterday in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

50 trade unionists from 23 countries participated in this important event.

With great success, vital deliberations for the exchange of experience and proposals for the organizing of the work of the trade unions about the problems of the migrant workers, Implementing the resolutions of the Presidential Council Meeting in Peru, 7-8 March 2013 as well as the direction of the 2nd Panafrican Meeting in Sudan on 4-6 February 2013, the WFTU held this vital International Trade Union Conference to bring together trade unions from countries with high immigration flow and trade unions from receiving countries to assist in the coordination of their common struggles for the interests of the migrant workers around the world and especially in Europe.

Amongst many topics discussed, the plight of migrant workers was high on the agenda.

20130514_090733.jpgThe key intervention was held by comrade Giannis Tasioulas, President of the Construction Workers Federation of Greece and member of the Executive Commitee of PAME, who undelined that: “Today, the number of immigrants globally has reached 214 million, i.e. 3.1 % of the global population. Almost half of them are women (49%). At the same time, the number of refugees has reached 15.4 million, while the displaced people have reached 27.5 million. These populations did not abandon their countries out of choice, but because of their need to work. For this reason, the majority of them have as their place of destination the most developed capitalist economies: 50 million live in North America (USA and Canada), 72 million in Europe” and concluded amongst others that: “The WFTU struggles in the spirit of internationalist solidarity for the unity of the working people regardless of their colour, race, gender, nationality, origin, religion. We give priority to the struggle against xenophobia, racism, discrimination, exclusion, against all fascist theories. We are trying to ensure that the immigrants will actively participate in the trade union movement with equal rights and that they will be elected to the organs. Every class-oriented trade union organization must have a committee of immigrants that will deal with their specific needs regarding their work, the legal framework and their other social or culture.


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