Qatar: Trade unions lend support to exploited migrant workers

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Qatar: Trade unions lend support to exploited migrant workers

Trade unionists condemned the monarchy and government of Qatar today for allowing multinational corporations to exploit migrant workers in the run up to the World Cup in 2022.

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) said that extreme working hours of 12 hours per day for migrant workers, low salaries which are not always paid on time, plus extreme temperatures without breaks or water to drink were casting a shadow over the major sports event.

WFTU General secretary George Mavrikos said:

“The working and living conditions of the workers from Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries who temporarily migrate to Qatar to work in the preparation of the World Cup of 2022 are dramatic similar to bonded labour.”

“The World Federation of Trade Unions is denouncing the monarchy and the government of Qatar, the local and multinational corporations that exploit the workers to increase their profitability and reach the FIFA expectations in a short period of time. This is the same monarchy that has washed its hands in the blood of the Syrian people by sending missionaries to kill innocent people.”

Expressing maximum support for workers in Qatar leading up to the competition, Mr Mavrikos said:

“For some the World Sports events such as the World Cup are a first class opportunity for profits and advertisement.”

“For the workers who build the infrastructures for the events it is “high-exploitation season”, low salaries, criminal lack of safety measures and death.”

“The WFTU stands on the side of the migrant workers, in solidarity with their struggles and will continue to organize initiatives for the rights of labour migrants in the period to come. The organizing in the ground by the workers themselves is the only effective recipe for them to draw strength, solidarity, protection and fight in class-unity for their demands against the employers.”


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