World union federation calls for end to “imperialist” intervention in Central African Republic

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The World Federation of Trade Unions has called on the European Union and NATO to respect the sovereignty of the CAR, despite increased violence in the country.

The union federation which represents over 80 million workers across the globe, blamed the violence in the CAR on “extremists and mercenaries” whilst pointing the finger at USA and France, accusing them of only being interested in the operations of multinational companies operating in the country.

A WFTU statement read:

We denounce in the most categorical way the extremists and mercenaries that operate in CAR and other African countries supposedly as an opposition to coups and undemocratic regimes whilst providing the most desired excuse to the imperialist forces to divide, invade, loot, destroy and rule over the pain and suffering of the African people.”

“It is also characteristic that the governments of USA and France had over the last months reinforced their military forces in CAR to protect the interests of… multinationals who are active in the country.

“The World Federation of Trade Unions will continue to fight in solidarity with the class-oriented trade union movement in Africa until the African people become masters in their own “house” and utilise their rich countries for the benefit of all the suffering people, to satisfy their basic and contemporary needs and create prosperity, mutual fraternal cooperation between the African states and end of racial, ethnic and religious conflicts that provide the excuse for the great imperialist forces to impose their control.”

The CAR, is rich in diamonds, gold, oil, uranium, agricultural and water resources and has suffered regular social unrest since winning independence from France in 1960.

More than 60% of the population is living on less than 2 dollars per day.

206,000 people are internally displaced in the country, while more than 50,000 have fled mainly to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and Chad.

There is a lack of medicines at the hospitals, high prices and lack of food, serious problems in the power and water supply are affecting the lives of millions of people limiting the life expectancy to less than 50 years.

Last month the UN said it believed at least 10,000 troops may be required in any force sent to “end the unrest.”


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