Peoples’ Lawyers to gather in Brussels

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The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) will hold its 18th Congress from the 15-19th April in Brussels.

It was founded in 1946 by members of the legal professions who had been active in the struggle against fascism.

IADL’s first president was René Cassin, who later became president of the European Court of Human Rights, and was one of the principle authors of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Current IADL president, Jeanne Mirer speaks (above) about the upcoming congress.

According to its website, the IADL campaigns for:

  • The human right to peace
  • Independence of the judiciary, protection of lawyers and democratic people’s justice
  • Fighting for Labour and Trade Union Rights in the face of neo-liberal regimes
  • The Economic Crisis, Debt and Promoting a New Democratic International Economic Order
  • Ending Impunity for crimes and promoting international justice
  • Lawyering for the people
  • Rights of Migrants
  • Right to Health and to a clean environment in the face of global warming and climate change
  • Right to protest and to organize to achieve our indivisible human rights: Civil and Political, Economic Social and Cultural Rights
  • Struggle for equality and against all forms of discrimination

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