World Peace Council and Non Aligned Movement stand with Venezuela

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World Peace Council and Non Aligned Movement stand with Venezuela

Over 100 countries joined international calls for an end to violent protests in Venezuela and respect for the country’s Bolivarian democracy today.

The Non Aligned Movement (NAM), which represents 120 developing countries said the organisation reaffirmed, “its commitment towards peace, stability and development, as well as its respect for sovereignty, the rule of law, non-interference in the internal affairs of states, territorial integrity, and the self-determination of peoples.

“We take note of the efforts undertaken by the Government of Venezuela to promote a broad national dialogue with a view to finding solutions to the country’s common challenges and to continue its way towards development and well-being.”

The statement comes after the UN recognised NGO, the World Peace Council (WPC), denounced the demonstrators and their “imperialist” backers who are helping to economically “sabotage” the country.

Protests against President Maduro’s democratically elected government are receiving huge levels of international media coverage but are confined to the affluent areas of the Latin American country.

In a statement, the WPC secretariat said:

“The World Peace Council denounces the ongoing plans and actions to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by reactionary forces and groups with the support of imperialist forces.

“The recent violent orchestrated events in Caracas and other regions of the country show clearly the intention of the local oligarchy and its foreign supporters which are aiming in putting obstacles to the efforts of the elected government of the country to empower the people and to solve social problems and needs.

“The economic sabotage in multiple ways, the violent provocations and intimidation of the people are going hand in hand with the nostalgy of the old establishment which is loosing power and privileges and therefore is acting subversively against the efforts of the Bolivarian revolution and its forces.

“The WPC expresses its full-hearted solidarity to its member organisation in Venezuela, the COSI (Committee for International Solidarity), to the anti-imperialist forces of the country and to the Venezuelan people.

“The World Peace Council and the peace loving people all over the world are confident that the Venezuelan people will win this battle on the road to become masters of their fortunes, with sovereignty and dignity.”


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