Protesters lobby Wolverhampton Council over 2000 job losses

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Protesters lobby Wolverhampton Council over 2000 job losses

Anti cuts campaigners lobbied Wolverhampton council on Wednesday night, urging them to reverse a planned 2,000 job losses.

The protest led by Black Country People’s Assembly and the Wolverhampton Trades Union Council saw councillors have to run a gauntlet before being able to take their seats in the chamber.

Earlier this month, councillors agreed to go ahead with the job losses and service closures, blaming central government funding cuts amounting to £147 million.

President of Wolverhampton TUC, Marie Taylor said: “The decision on the budget set by Wolverhampton Council is deeply disappointing.

“It is clear the cuts stem from central government but the implementation by the council is deplorable.

“Surely it is beyond the line in the sand when they are planning to undermine national collective bargaining.”

The Labour led council has argued it has no choice but to push through with the cuts or risk being declared bankrupt and be taken over by central government.

But Ms Taylor added: “No Tory appointed auditor could implement measures that could be any worse to a loyal workforce service users and Wolverhampton citizens.”

Several Labour councillors were keen to express their regret at the job losses.

On his way into the chamber, Bushbury North Councillor, Ian Angus said: “I’m glad we have people who care and are out on the streets campaigning.

“Laying off 2000 people is not what I came into politics for.

“We are being forced into this.

“We have been making the case in our wards, for people to contact their MP and voice their concerns at what the government is doing.”


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