Gaza: Trade unionists in Palestine label Israel bombing “genocide”

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Palestine trade unionists accused the Israeli government of attempted “genocide” and condemned the “massacre of defenceless people” in Gaza, during a protest at a prison in Ramallah in the West Bank today.

The Ofer Prison is run by the Israel Prison Service and used to be operated by the Israel Defense Forces‘ Military Police Corps.


Haider Ibrahim – general secretary of the General Union of Palestinian Workers (GUPW), which organised the protest, expressed his solidarity with workers and the people of Palestine in Gaza and condemned the “excessive massacres perpetrated against civilians and the bombing of houses and destruction of infrastructure and targeting of land and buildings in densely populated areas.”

Mr Ibrahim called on the international community to bring to trial “enemy terrorist generals”  who he believes are responsible for “massacres” in Gaza.


The GUPW which is affiliated to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), added that the blockade of Gaza should be immediately lifted.

A temporary ceasefire is in place to allow humanitarian aid to reach the stricken population of Gaza.

More than 200 Palestinians, most of them civilians have been killed during the Israeli bombardment with over 1000 injured.

One Israeli citizen has been killed due to Hamas rocket fire.


The peaceful protest was later broken up by the Israeli Defence Force and prison authorities, with demonstrators accusing them of firing rubber bullets and tear gas.


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