Gaza: 20 local journalists missing as Palestine death toll tops 700

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At least 20 journalists covering the unfolding incursion and bombing of Gaza have gone missing, the Palestine Journalist Syndicate reported today.

The news comes as the death toll in Gaza passes 700, many of them children.

35 Israelis have been killed, 32 of them soldiers.


An activist holds aloft the flag of Palestine at a recent London peace demonstration 

Reporting on the massacre by the Israeli military is fraught with danger and attacks on journalists have already been reported.

Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman also accused the Al-Jazeera network of encouraging “terrorist acts” and is looking into the possibility on an all out ban on journalists from the channel.

International Federation of Journalists President Jim Boumelha said: “As each day goes by we learn of more and more incidents where journalists reporting in Gaza are being intimidated, attacked and murdered.

“Too many journalists and media workers have been injured or killed in the line of duty already, and if this violence continues then more lives will surely be lost. Israeli authorities must control their forces and end this abuse of power now.”

In Britain,  National Union of Journalists parliamentary group leader John McDonnell MP, has written a letter to UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond to put pressure on Israel to secure journalists reporting from the area.

It says: “The vital role journalists play in documenting the horrors being inflicted, primarily on the population in Gaza, is crucial and must be urgently defended by our government.”

The Trade Union Congress have also called for trade unionists to support the ‘stop the massacre in Gaza’ demonstration in London on Saturday 26 July starting at 12 noon outside the Israeli embassy.

The journalists displaced in Gaza so far include:

Journalists from Khan Younis

·         Ahmad Fayyad

·         Mohammed Fayyad

·         Ibrahim Fayyad

·         Mahmoud Alathamneh

Journalists from Abasan

·         Hatem Abu Daqqa

·         Fuad Abu Hamad

From central Gaza

·         Imad Abdalrahman

From Beit Hanoon

·         Nael Hamoudeh

From Nseirat

·         Mahmoud El-Louh

From Jabalya

·         Sami Abusalem

Journalists from Shojaeyah

·         Hanadi  Ahmad

·         Ziyad Awad

·         Mirvat Abu Jame’

·         Bothyna Shtewi

·         Ala’ Shmali

·         Mohammed Moheisen

·         Moemen Qoreiqe’

·         Majdi Qoreiqe’

·         Ala’ Abu Shanab

·         Ahed Farawneh

·         Majed Habib


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