BREAKING NEWS: Blacklist Support Group rejects government inquiry

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BREAKING NEWS: Blacklist Support Group rejects government inquiry

by John Millington 

Anti-blacklist campaigners have rejected a government review into industrial relations, labelling it a “witch hunt” aimed at militant trade unionists.

The Blacklist Support Group (BSG) which has been credited for bringing the scandal of blacklisting to national attention, slammed the government for launching its review into union tactics after the Unite union came under fire for its leverage campaign during the Grangemouth dispute.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg attempted to portray the inquiry as more well rounded than just looking at Unite the Union’s conduct, adding that he’d been “troubled” by the blacklisting scandal.

But a spokesman for the Blacklist Support Group said:

“The Tory proposals [industrial relations review] are nothing more than an anti-union witch hunt masquerading as an inquiry.

“To equate the blacklist scandal with unites leverage campaign exposes the government’s entire attitude towards organised labour.

“Blacklisting is a human rights conspiracy involving multinational firms and the state.

“Leverage is perfectly legal protest with an inflatable rat.”

– Blacklisted workers will be demonstrating on Wednesday (20th November) with a rally and lobby outside Parliament, calling for a genuine public inquiry into blacklisting.

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