Wolverhampton: Council cuts caused by government “ideological dogma,” trades unionists say

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Trades unionists expressed their anger today at massive cuts to key Wolverhampton services, which are predicted to reach £123 million over the next 5 years.

The city council agreed the emergency package last week, after the government said they would cut the council grant by £147 million, a 52 per cent reduction in real terms compared to 2010/2011, leading to only the most “essential services” being maintained.

Further job losses, on top of the 1,000 already announced, plus huge reductions in redundancy payouts for council workers are expected in the coming months.

President of Wolverhampton and Bilston District Trades Council Marie Taylor – an umbrella organisation for thousands of workers in the city, said:

“Staff who have committed their working lives to public service, some with over twenty five years of loyalty find themselves redundant and labelled a scrounger.”

“It is hard to believe the assertions, that the economy is on the mend and we are beginning a period of growth when it is obvious that there are no green shoots of recovery in Wolverhampton.”

Libraries across the city will also see huge cuts in hours, with the longstanding library in Whitmore Reans losing 10 hours a week.

Ms Taylor said:

“The ideological dogma of the government around austerity measures is forcing local councils to make unprecedented cuts to services at a time when people need them most.”

– For latest updates from Wolves TUC, please visit: http://www.wolvestuc.org.uk/

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